How to Whitelist an email or domain

Many agents have been telling us they haven’t been receiving our emails or that we go to their SPAM folder.

Email providers have been very aggressive in sending any email received from a mass email communication to SPAM folders.

Of course, this is great for emails that are in fact SPAM but can be frustrating for email communications you do want to receive.

The good news is there is a couple of simple ways to ensure specific emails do not end up in SPAM:


    • Add the recipient to your email contacts list. This helps but isn’t completely fail proof.
  • Whitelist an email address or email domain by creating a filter. This is the best way.


Here are instructions for Gmail and Yahoo. The process is similar for other email providers. A simple Google search for “How to whitelist emails with (your email provider)”



This can also come in handy if you have clients not receiving your emails.

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